KPOP Art School puts top priority on students’ safety. 
 We will be in charge of students’ safety allowing them to enjoy healthy life in Korea.  


They might also need consultation with someone when going through difficulties with life in Korea or education process. 

We have Korean staffs who are fluent in Japanese and have a system to communicate in Japanese in case of emergency or when they are going through difficulties. For example, we help students in urgent cases such as hospital visit for disease and injuries, government office visits such as immigration office or police office, education organization visits, etc.  

 SIM/WIFI (KT · Korea Telecom) 

Pre-paid SIM Card 
Unlimited data (55,000 KRW/month) 

Credit card needed
- Extra fee for calling.

Pocket Wifi Rental 
Unlimited data (55,000 KRW / month)

- Passport & credit card needed

- 4G LTE Full Speed (KT · Korea Telecom) broadband LTE! Connected anywhere in Korea

- No restrictions on data usage and speed

- Simultaneous connection: 4 at most, battery time limit: Up to 8 hours of continuous use

- Device: IML450


Airport Pick-up (shareride) 

- Incheon Airport default 44,000 KRW 

- Gimpo Airport default 33,000 KRW

- Additional charge for late night and dawn of 20,000 KRW

- Additional charge for long distance of 10,000 KRW (within Seoul)


서울시 마포구 연회로11 한국특허정보원빌딩 5층


Tell : +82-2-3142-5999
Line : @rmq8639a
Kakao : @kpop_art_school



서울시 마포구 연회로11 한국특허정보원빌딩 5층
5F, KIPI bldg, 11 Yeonhee-ro, Mapogu, Seoul


Tell : +82-2-3142-5999
E-mail :
Line : @rmq8639a (JP)
Kakao : @kpop_art_school (KR, EN, CN)

Tel. +82-2-3142-5999 | e-mail.
Addr. 서울시 마포구 연회로11 한국특허정보원빌딩 5층 ㅣ  Business License. 799-86-00370

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