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Practical Dance Department     

KAS (KPOP Art School) provides a course of ensuring the entrance of ‘Hanyang University’ where it has the best practical dance department. This is one and only program in Korea which only allows foreign students who are registered in KAS.

This course is an admission guarantee course created

 by KAS and SEOKYUNG University to attract and foster excellent foreign talent. 

we prepared the best dance education system and management to enter the best university in Korea.

Hanyang University and KAS provide the best education and opportunities 

for those who love Korea, Korean culture, and K-pop.

 What about Seokyoung University?


위치 : 서울시 성북구 서경로 124 (정릉동 16-1) 서경대학교 문예관 15층 





■ 西京大学の実用舞踊科は?

豊かなリズム感の鼓吹、様々な身体の動きとともに、学際間の融合による作品実習で創意的思考ができるよう、舞踊芸術能力を活性化しています。 舞台経験の拡大のために作品発表会と舞踊団の公演参加などを通じて、経験豊富な舞踊家を養成します。

■ 何を学ぶのですか?






■ 卒業後の職業


■ Pathway Advantage

1. Provides infinite opportunities for Idol auditions 

Students who are registered in KAS Program will be provided with infinite audition opportunities for famous Korean Idol Entertainment agencies as much as wanted. 

2. Optimized education in the homeland of KPOP; Korea   

students will be trained with extra vocal and dance in Korean style while studying at practical dance department of Hanyang University. This will enhance the possibility of becoming a trainee at entertainment agency by growing their potentials with short term intensive education. 

3. Obtain undergraduate degree at 4 year university 

There is only 2-year University for related university in Japan so students cannot obtain 4-year university degree. However, in Korea, you can study in 4-year University and obtain bachelor’s degree. This would be a great career since not many Korean idol stars have 4-year University degree at prestigious university. 

4. Advantageous position in getting a job after graduation 

Bachelor’s degree at Hanyang University will help a lot in your career even though you don’t become an Idol star. It is possible to find a job in the related field such as entertainment, broadcasting, etc.. 

 Program curriculum

Education location 
KPOP ART SCHOOL or other facilities in Hongdae, Seoul

Entry qualifications: The one who has TOPIK3 or the one who has been preparing for taking TOPIK3.

The one who has passed our test ( in a movie exam)

(The standard in our practical exam is not too high. Your pass may be guaranteed at KAS entry guarantee program)

Test location 
We will give notice of it later by countries(by cities) individually.
Education date 

The start of our program: Entrance into school in March

(Entrance from July to September for Three months course.

Entrance from April to September for Six months course.)

*Please ask us for your program term. We will adjust the schedule by your level and so on.

*You can stay longer or add lessons after having your program done by your entrance into university.

Education period 
min 3 months-6months (It will be determined by applicants’ levels.)
University entrance 
March in spring (Exams in around September) and September in fall every year (Exams in around April)

Entrance into department of dancing arts at dancing department in Hanyang university (Contemporary dance) ,Support for your examination in your university, Dance lessons (Group/Individual) 2 times/month , Lodging, Transportation to the airport (a round-trip)

Additional option 

.Korean lesson (recommended for those who are under TOPIK 4), dance lessons (private), vocal lessons (private), Please contact us if you want to rent WIFI and additional SIM card.


KPOP Art School (KAS) 

Transfer Admission Guarantee Program of Hanyang University is same as that of new admissio.

You can enter the university if the following conditions are agreed. 

  • Lessons, period, costs are same as the New Admission Guarantee Program 
  • who have majored in dance at college/university abroad for at least 2 years 
  • who will pass the transfer admission process and this is guaranteed through KAS Guarantee Program
  • who have above level 3 of TOPIK, additional lessons will be provided after completing the Guarantee Program if needed 


Scholarship and contents
For newly admitted students

Hanyang Scholarship for Excellence in Language Proficiency - Undergraduate

- Seoul Campus: Hanyang Scholarship for Excellence in Language Proficiency is awarded to applicants who have passed the TOPIK level 5 or 6, or achieved a TOEFL IBT score of 90 or higher or IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. 

- ERICA Campus: Hanyang Scholarship for Excellence in Language Proficiency is awarded to applicants who have passed the TOPIK level 4 or higher, or achieved a TOEFL IBT score of 90 or higher or IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. (Only documents submitted during the official application period are acceptable.) 

• Benefits: 30% reduction in tuition 

• Scholarship period: The first semester only

※ TOEFL and IELTS score are not applicable to native speakers of English.  


registered students

Hanyang International Excellence Awards (HIEA) HIEA is awarded to intern

ational students who have achieved notable academic progress at Hanyang University. 

• Qualification: Students with valid TOPIK level certificate and Insurance who achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 for undergraduate / a minimum GPA of 4.0 for graduate in the previous semester 

• Recipients are selected by documents screening. Recipients will receive 100%, 70%, 50% or 30% tuition reduction according to their evaluation results. 

• Scholarship period: One semester 

• Required Documents: to be announced at OIA website(study.hanyang.ac.kr)

TOPIK Scholarship 

Foreign student who is currently enrolled for a degree program and obtained TOPIK certificate after the time of admission is eligible. Student who is on a leave of absence OR extended his/her study in undergraduate/graduate level is excluded. 

• Benefits: Admission fee (40,000KRW) will be provided regardless of the result of examination. Applicants must register for the higher level than their former level obtained. Beginner level is not included. 

• Scholarship: The scholarship will be provided in the case of acquirement of higher level certificate. Level 6 holder can be benefited in the case of their certificates are already expired or having less than 5 months to the expiration date of their certificates. 

• Required Documents: to be announced at OIA website(study.hanyang.ac.kr) ※ This scholarship can be awarded with other on-campus scholarships. )  


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